The Green Lawn Abbey Preservation Association is thrilled to announce that the first-floor bronze doors are slated to be refurbished in 2019.
Restoration of the doors has been a high priority since the effort to save the Abbey began in 2008. Damage by vandals over the decades and inadequate ill-advised “repairs” have resulted in their current deplorable condition.
The work will be done following the Preservation Plan compiled when the second-floor bronze doors were refurbished in 2012. The doors will be removed and restored off site. They will be disassembled and deteriorated materials inside will be replaced. New glass will be installed, missing pieces will be refabricated, and a patina applied to match that of other bronze pieces at the Abbey.
This extensive restoration was finally made feasible with a grant and private support. In March, the Ohio Historic Preservation Office of the Ohio History Connection announced a $10,000 grant for the door restoration. Additionally, Patricia Lewis, a much beloved historic preservation activist, who passed away in 2017 named Green Lawn Abbey in her will. Monies from her estate, coupled with a generous donation from her family and some additional funds earmarked by GLAPA make the project possible.
The project is estimated to cost $35,000. It’s still possible for you to support this project. Donations are greatly appreciated and would free up monies to be used for other restoration needs.